The Power of E-Cigarettes

California Anti-E-Cigarette Bill

We believe in the power of e-cigarettes to help cigarette addicts safely break the habit of inhaling carcinogens, like ammonia, tar, and other nasty organic compounds. World Health Statistics suggest that around 1 out of every 10 human beings dies of complications from smoking tobacco – that’s around 5 million people annually. While e-cigs do serve as a delivery system for nicotine (which may not be a wonderful substance to consume in large, chronic doses), studies suggest nicotine may be as innocuous as caffeine.

Public health officials should welcome the opportunity to solve a big health crisis, like our collective addiction to cigarettes, by almost any means possible. Consumers certainly seem to be listening. The San Jose e-cig market has grown at a prodigious rate. Some observers believe that it’s set to double (or more) in 2013 alone.

But as the e-cig antismoking method has gotten more popular, critics and naysayers have gotten more strident. Anti-e-cig activists in California, for instance, are trying to pass a bill that would essentially regulate e-cigs like regular cigarettes. The bill would, among other things, radically reduce when, where, and how people can vape.

That’s annoying for several reasons.

Bay Area E-Cigarette

By Akujames, via Wikimedia Commons

First of all, many people find it extremely difficult just to quit. When you throw up additional obstacles in their way – e.g. restrict where, when, and how they can vape – you’re making it much harder for them for no real reason. Vaping is virtually odorless, and secondhand vapor smoke is almost certainly far less dangerous than secondhand cigarette smoke.

Admittedly, we would all like to see more sound science on both the short and long-term health implications of vaping. But common sense and anecdotal testimony suggest vaping is far healthier than smoking cigarettes.

Yes, we should prevent minors from getting hooked on nicotine in any form, and e-cig manufacturers and distributors must keep these products out of the hands of kids. But banning e-cigs on planes, bars and restaurants doesn’t make sense, given the science and the psychology.

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